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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Im Back Bitches! plus the start of a new story I am writing

Okay so here is the deal for the past two - three weeks I have been without my laptop. Oh the sorrow but my charging broke, so I had to have it repaired. imagine it two week without porn, I...... I'm sorry I need a moment. None the less I got it back and spent some quality time with it >.> <.< >.> and now I am here to show the start of a new story I am writing. Please tell me what you think besides your opinions on the politics involved sorry I just don't want to start a huge debate and it may seem like I only defending one side but though out it I will be helping both sides. I will try to stay open minded even though I am touching on a sensitive subject. None the less any criticism would be amazing. Anything really can help.

Motherhood, some say it the greatest gift “god” ever gave women. However some women do not want this gift, and that is of course understandable. Some women are not ready for the troubles of a child. Until the year 2022 women who refused this gift would have an abortion. An abortion was a very controversial procedure in which a doctor would remove the unborn fetus from the womb of the would be mother. A fairly simple procedure for a trained professional, but some saw this to be a form of murder. These people often followed the old cults of the one they called “God”. These cults would brainwash their followers to follow strict “moral” guidelines, and to defy all outside knowledge, and to call it heresy. These cults followed what they said to be a great being in the sky who they claimed loved all of the world which he created in six days. However they also explained how he hated “Fags” and many people of minority. I am getting off topic here so is 2022 Dr.Sam Houseton created the Exchange a device that allowed one woman to have here fetus removed, and placed into the womb of another willing woman. There the fetus would grow to full term, and be born just as the rest of the humans. Dr.Houseton among certain groups was praised as a savior of the unborn. Dr.Houseton however explain Ze created it not as a way to save lives exactly. Houseton was born as a genetically perfect male/female. Ze had no genitals, but hir brain was basically spilt between the two sexes half female, and half male. This gave hir a different look at the world, and allowed hir to see both side of the argument. She it all very confusing in hir young age. Ze was most perplexed by the debate of abortion. The female side of hir realized what could come with a child; the pain, the responsibility, and even sometimes the danger. Ze also saw it from the male side of the spectrum how quite often they would have no say in any of it even though is was his baby too. However ze also saw how men could say what they say, and scream of how it was evil considering they don’t have to endure the birth. Ze also saw how women used this as a way to disown the men as having any say.

So you might be confused by the word "hir" and "ze" these are the correct gender-neutral pronouns. These are what is used when speaking of someone with out gender instead of calling them "it"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

So I am currently off in the deep wilderness of some state camping park. Lucky for me however my brother has a cell phone that doubles as a WiFi hotspot, so I am not left with out my precious internet. Now don't take me for one one who does not enjoy the outdoors and can't live without internet, but it is just more fun then watching my brothers, and their friends get wasted while one bitch continues to give me ungodly amounts of shit asking who brought me, and how I am worthless, and then asks me to do her favors. Stupid worthless sloshed whore oh how I hope you drown in a pool of your precious liquor, and your inevitable vomit. We will call this women (and I use that term loosely) Brittney for that is her name, and I couldn't care less if she found this. Then there is David; the wanna be gangster shit head. He is the definition of an alcoholic. He refuses to admit, but I could care less. Sometimes I hope he goes driving, and crashes ending his worthless life. These too of course are the perfect couple, and want to fuck each others brains out, but they treat it as if they are still in elementary school as if it is wrong to like someone, but if they wear to have an offspring I would have to stick a stake though it's black heart so I say it is for the best. The others are okay my brothers are great and my sister in law is very nice. There are two other campers, T and A both are nice, and seem to not mind me so much. So I am here, sober as monk while everyone around me is drunk as all hell. So I decided to tell the story of my legal problems (as asked by Garret) mentioned in my last post. So lets began at the beginning, last year in December'; not sure on the exact date. My friend J and I picked up a few grams of some of the dankest pot we had seen in awhile. We wear set to go too his house once his parents left for the night to go too a basketball game. We decided to light up and cruise around, which is not far from what we do normally. We plan too do this until his parents leave. Fast forward a few hours, and a few smoke sessions we are thoroughly baked, and ready to head to his house too check if they are gone. Now it is around nine or ten at this point. we are in his neighborhood, and down the street near his house I could have sworn I saw a cops lights for a split second. I ask my friend, and he assures me there is no cop. So I continue to drive that way. Next I know I am at 4-way intersection a block away from his house with a car on the other side that I can't make out what it is. As I pass it I see the words "State Cop" on the side of the car. My heart sinks to my colon, and then finds it way out of my body into the smoke filled car as I shit myself in fear. I turn to my friend and tell him I just saw a cop which with him being stoned terrifies him as well. Then we think we see the cop turn, and our hopes rise a little, only to be shot down by the almighty God's lustful cum load as suddenly my car is lit up with flashing red, and blue lights. I pull off to the side and park. Now before I go any further I would like to add a little background to this story. I am a hell of a driver when stoned, which I know "lol but your stoned heyuck derp derp how would you know." I have driven people who wear completely sober around, and they kept asking me if I was really high, or just fucking around all the while I thought I was in a space ship. So back to the story. We rejoin our hero as he is freaking out trying to figure out what he did when suddenly there is a tap at the window. There stood a state trooper, and as I roll down my window a cloud of evidence billows out of my car as if its trying to fuck with me, and get me arrested. So I smile at cop, but not an "I got this" smile but more an "oh please don't notice my eyes" smile. He asks for the usual license and registration. Now this is the first time I have ever been involved with the law in my entire life other then when my brothers dealt with them. So this mixed with the fact that I am as high as I have ever been I have no idea what he means by registration, so my stupid ass hands him my fucking license plate sticker. Then I find it for real and give him that. So he runs me though all of the tests, which is a blur so I can't really get into detail on it, but next I know I am at the hospital getting blood drawn for a drug test. Now mind you I hate needles. None the less go over without a hitch, and then I taken over too the county jail. Where I sit for god know how long. I have to call my mother too pick me up, which is the worst call of my life. Fast forward three months, and I am in court and found guilty for driving while visibly impaired, and possession. Then later I am sentenced too six months probation, three months restricted license,two thousand dollars in court fees, and I have to attend two NA meetings a week. Now with my probation I have a random drug test once a month. Which leads too the legal problem that happened last week. I get a call saying I tested positive for something, but of course they can't tell me what over the phone. Now I had not been doing any pot since the ordeal, but I had been trying DMT which I thought had no drug test for it yet. So I began to freak out, I call my mother, and tell her about all this. She has me go up there too find out what it is. I come to find out I tested positive for my Adderall. So I kinda fucked myself over there XD. I have since sworn off anything tell my time is over, for it is just not worth the risk. So there is my story I did not proof read it because I am tired and just want to post it.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Drawings

So I have not posted in awhile do too school, and legal troubles. I decided I would post some drawings I did while I was NOT high. Although my drawings may look like I was baked I assure I was not. Instead I was simply board. Hope you like them.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Please Read

I have recently been watching Spongebob Squarepants, and I have been watching the newer episodes to see if they have ever gotten any better since the downfall of the series after the release of the movie in 2004. The show has run since 1999 tell present day, and the first three seasons of the show wear simply amazing, and so full of life. The jokes wear amazing, the stories so well done, and even quite surreal at times. However after the amazing full length movie, the show took a slow downfall ultimately becoming a simple nose dive into pure idiotic plots, and stereotypical, and even sometime racist characters. The reason for this fall is quite simple. After the release of the movie (which was meant to be a series finale) the original creator and head writer Stephen Hillenburg left the show. Now let me take a moment and shed a little light on this man. Hillenburg is slightly unknown simply because he seemed to want it that way. He seemed to stay out of the spot light, which I find my self very respectful of. It might surprise you to know that he was originally a marine biologist turn animator. He worked for Rocko's Modern Life for a while which can be seen a bit in Spongebob. As for the show it's self I could describe the history but I feel it is best explained in this video. PLEASE WATCH IT.

The show has since become simply put stupid. I miss the days of my childhood when I would be waiting all week, like addicted crack head just to see a new episode of this great show, and now I am confused when I hear it is still on the air let alone making new episodes. They tried to continue the show without the original creator, and as you can see it failed unbelievably. The show is only held afloat by the name. My belief is that they should end the series, but I not in its current dismal state. Instead they should go to Hillenburg, and beg him to create one last movie, but a full length TV movie, for there is no way any of the fans should have to pay to see this after the hellish show they have had to suffer though. They should have him create this last movie to end the series in a great way. Then let it die happy. Hillenburg is a hell of writer, and in my eyes a genius. His show has been warped and sapped of all it use to be. Now let us enjoy some classic moments from the show when it was still a force to be reckoned with.

I know this has nothing to do with drugs, and my last few posts have had nothing to do with them, but I this blog as become so much more to me.

Please comment on what you think.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My New Drug

Have not posted in two days because of a few reasons. Part of it has to do with my fepression that I am fighting, but the other part is my newest addiction; Glee. I have been watching this show religious for the last few weeks, and it all started with Netflix, and soon there wear no more on Netflix. Then I set out to find, and download the second season. I found the first ten episodes of season 2, and that is where I have been for the last two days. That at thinking of suicide and other dark, tragic thoughts (Don't worry I am working on, and feel better now). I am not downloading the rest of season two, hence the reason I am now posting. Also I felt I had to share with you my favorite song from the show.

It is a very great show. I recommend it to anyone, but be warned this drug is highly addictive.

Also Kurt is my favorite character XD.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So true, but why.

So I stumbled upon this today, and it really got me thinking; why do they shove these pills that are shown to possibly cause so much damage to our bodies, but scream bloody murder when we smoke a bit of the bud. Pot has been shown on numerous occasions to have amazing medical properties, and it is the safest of the drugs out there. The doctors, and the government still throw pills at us that leave the user in a zombie like state. It has even been shown to kill cancer cells. Don't believe me check this out. Yet they still have patients go though chemo treatment that destroy the immune system. This is coming from someone who's mother fought cancer and won, but the time during all of this was very hard on everyone. We could have simply got her a few bowls, and she would have been fine. I could go on a long rant about how it is because the corporations don't want to give up the money they make off of those pills or the government wants us to be tame, however I simply don't have the energy too that today. Let me know what you think it the comments.

Also check out this video from adult swim it is so trippy.

Oh love

So this is a poem type piece that I wrote that kinda explains what was going on in the last piece. I am way over this but I really liked the piece when I was done so here it is.

This time I am not drunk, so worry not of the repercussions of my actions. I am sitting here in the dark typing this, and all the while she keeps text messaging me. She acts as if nothing has happened or that it is no big deal. I am here to say it is a big deal at least to myself. When a man confesses his love to a women the last words he wishes to receive is how she sees see him as a brother, but lets add onto this the fact that she has fallen for his best friend. That alone would drive any sane man to a fit of sadness, but then lets throw more fuel on the fire, for she is also one of his best friends who he spends nearly all his time with along side the other best friend she has a thing for. He of course likes her back and does not try to hide it. Grabbing and hugging her at nearly every opportunity. Which if I wear to do would be met with a harsh word or a simple but awkward silence. There they are, so cozy together, and here I am popping obscene amounts of Ritalin, and chugging it down with tall glasses of water. The more time I spend with them the more I search for some substance to alter this terrible reality where I constantly think of death and such morbid thoughts. Worry not though for nothing will come of those thoughts, for they are simply that; a though that stays locked in my head. Now it would not be so bad if she would just not text me, and expect me to be just fine. She tries to make feel better which I love her for, but the mere gesture makes me feel worse then before. She gives me these uplifting words that only drop me further. I understand it does not effect you, but please understand that this is like cutting me with a knife, then rubbing salt in the fresh and bloody wound, and then saying it will make you feel better. Love is a sadistic, malicious spirit who gets a sick and cruel laugh at the man lying in the street with dead flowers, and a tear stricken face which he claims is simply the rain, but there is no rain. Instead it is a sunny day out for the world wants to you too feel even worse. Love can make a sane man wish to put a bullet though his skull to simply end the pain, and move to the next stage of life where maybe one day the one he loves will love him back, a true paradise.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What the fuck did I do last night

I wrote this when I was drunk. If you can't tell I like to write, and I will be posting a few of these along side my other stuff. It can be quite offensive to certain people and for that I forgive.

You shall feel the wraith I drop upon thee. It Shall rain down upon your worthless existence and smother out your nonsensical trash laden conversations. The government laughs at our agonizing pain and wipes their asses with the tax money of you and I. One day fire shall rain down from the sky as a purge of this wicked world and I shall stand in an open field arms held out far as each burning drop eats away at my flesh, and I shall laugh with a sick and deranged smile slapped across my face. Blood will, and has been spilled over useless wars of who has the largest testicles. Though no one realizes that they are left castrated by the corporations that truly run this world, with their addictive products and ungodly amounts of dirty money . I am here typing away on my laptop, it is midnight and I am a little drunk of course, and left heart broken by a girl of my dreams, and I find romance leaves me wanting to put a bullet though my skull, but that would be to easy. They say to suffer is to live, but I say that is a truly warped way to live. You want to stop all war? Then simply break the heart of those in command, for none can carry on after such a painful attack. They drop bombs and rape women, screaming it is for the greater good. The greater good is a term (or phrase not sure which) that I hate to no end. It is just a way for the higher ups to defaecate on the world, and then justify the residue of their stinking pile with out telling you how it helps. They could walk into a house of any family rape the children, and get away with it, for they would claim it was for the greater good. Then the backwards conservative, brainwashed, monkeys, would eat it up and scream terrorist at the victims and praise our new rulers; all hail the new fascists pigs. Until they began to want to have less guns in our country so the worthless shit stains of rapists and murders can’t have them. Then suddenly the redneck, inbred, backwater, cousin fuckers are up in arms because they can’t get drunk and shoot at what ever they see fit. God Bless America.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some Writing

So I wrote this after zero sleep, with 60-90 mg of Addaral, and while I was in class that bores me too tears. Forgive me if any of this offends you.

Stab Someone
I have the never ending urge to stab someone, but not for any violent or angry motive. No I just want to see how they would react. I try to imagine what they would say, but I have no clue. Ask yourself if a random man simply stabbed you, what would be the first thing you say or think? The would would never be enough to kill you, but it would leave a scar with a great story too it. What would go though your mind during this event? Would you have deep, awe inspiring thoughts, or would simply curse, scream, and swear a vendetta against me? If that wear to happen then that would be fantastic as well. Every hero/villain needs their opposite, their enemy. just as every crackhead needs a society that leaves them to die. These are simply the thoughts of a bored student.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lesson Learned

I just learned a very valuable lesson; do not snort crushed blue Adderall pills, and if you do, for the love of god do not sneeze. Your snot looks a liquefied smurf. I will just stick to popping them. XD

I Recomend

So today I have chosen to review a cartoon on Cartoon Network. Now I know what you are thinking; “Cartoon Network? man those are all shitty kids shows.” Normally you would be right but since the rapid decline in viewership of the channel, they have increased in quality shows that are just dripping with hidden adult jokes and themes. I have for you to consider a show called Adventure Time with Jake and Finn. Now let me began with trying to describe this show, and the basic part of the story that always stays the same is that it is the adventure of Finn an adventures human and his brother/friend Jake the dog who has stretchy powers (I kid you not that is what they call it). They live in the land of Ooo and go about fighting monster's and getting into outrageous situations. Now you might think it sounds dumb, but just wait, because this is not an average show. Every episode is basically one amazing acid trip. The storylines are incredibly surreal and down right funny.

There are references to drugs quite often; for god sakes there is a character called LSP, I mean really? The content at times can be down creepy or outright euphoric, and the jokes and action can really lead some one to question if it is a kids show. The artwork of the show is simply mind blowing. The colors are simply memorizing, and after a few bowls you could swear you are inside the cartoon. The voice acting is perfect. They even cast the voice of bender from Futurama as Jake the dog. Those of you who watched shows such as Rocko's Modern Life will feel right at home in this new era of cartoons. The last thing I will add of this show is the amazing soundtrack. They will and one moment play some of the best Dubstep I have heard and then switch to Mozart and then to japan techno.

There is such a variety to the show you can find something for just about anyone. I recommend this too anyone regardless of their sobriety state, but if you can; light a bowl, or drop some acid, sit back, and enjoy as you are warped too the Land of Ooo.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 10 Pieces Part 2

Number 4.
I simply call this the maze. This is up here for obvious reasons. The design alone leaves you feeling a little stoned as you try to wrap your brain around the idea of the smoke finding it's way though all of that. Lets also add to the fantastic ice catcher, the beautiful color scheme, fantastic stem, and just the impecable workmanship of the glass. All of this combined gives you one hell of a bong.

Number 3.
Here we have the ice bong. Although incredibly simple and not really reusable the idea of it leaves a thought in my head about how would that smoke taste, and the only conclusion I can come to is that it would be a great hit.

Number 2.
Now we have my second favorite piece I have found on the internet, and it is what I call the puzzle bong. Now why you might ask "do I call it that?" I shall respond with "can you fucking see it" the twists and turns. I don't even know exactly where I would put my weed, but I feel that is where the fun is. It is a game you play every time you smoke, and the higher you get the harder it gets. Lets not forget that it is just a pleasure to look at. The colors are amazing, and the unique design pushes it ahead of many other contenders.

Number 1.
This one was hard to choose, but it ended up coming down to my childhood. I give you the Pokebong. Covered in the stickers of the original Pokemon, the base is an enormous Pokeball, and completed with a stem in the color scheme of the greatest Pokemon of all time Pikachu. This bong brings back great memories and would be filled with all new ones. This bong only leaves me with one thing to say "gotta catch em all".

Thanks for reading and keep up with the blog there is so much more to come.
the pictures do not belong to me, and all credit goes to the respective owners.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Guide for Teens living with their parents.

So whether you like it or not pot is still illegal, and many parents frown upon the use of it with their kids once they have moved out, however when you are sixteen and still living under their roof it is not only frowned upon but in some cases punishable to an extreme degree. So I am here to pass on some of my knowledge I have gained over the years of smoking in my house with out my parents knowing. A little background; I stared smoking the herb when I was in the 9th grade. At this time I lived in my parents basement because their was a bigger room. My parents are ultra conservative, super religious freaks, who follow all rules to the point, weather it makes sense or not. So I had to keep my use undercover. Over the years I have been busted and changed my ways. My skills have evolved. Now I am on the cusp of the end of high school and just about ready to move out and don't have to worry as much. So I will pass this knowledge to those who need it.

We will began with the very basics, you must always keep eye drops on hand. They may sting a bit, but it is much less painful then having your parents calling to talk to you after your third hit with your eyes as red as the devils testicles. The ones I love to no end are clear eyes, you use what you like, but stay away from Visine at all costs. Using Visine enough can make your eyes even worse and should be avoided like poison.

Next get a pipe or make one. ( I will post some guides on DIY pipes later) Do not be stupid and roll a fat blunt in your room with your parents in the next room. Pipes will only burn as long as you hit it, joints and such will just fill your room with evidence, and have your parents banging down your door.

Now make a Spoof. "What is a spoof?" I am glad you asked it is quite simple all you need is a paper towel tube, as many laundry drier sheets as you can get, and some rubber bands. Now take the paper tube and fill it with the laundry sheets. Use as many as it will hold with out busting out the other side, and leaving two or three left over. Next take the left overs and lye then over one end of the tube and use the rubber bands to hold them in place, and Tada you have a spoof. When you smoke simply blow the smoke though this and any smoke that escapes will smell of a fresh load of laundry.

Now you must also find a stash spot. Now I can't tell you where to hide your stuff, because I don't know you or your room. I can, however tell you where not to hide it. DO NOT HIDE IT IN YOUR DRESSER EVER. The dresser is the number one most searched spot because that is where most hide their pot and pipes. I did, and got busted. Also it might make your cloths reak of the herb. Do not just shove it under your bed, for the love of god. I will not go into explain this just do not do it. Be as creative as possible I now hide my stash in a smell proof jar in an old computer bag that sits in my closet which is filled with junk I have no idea what to do with. Also be careful not damage your bud while hiding it. try to find airtight containers to hold it in. Pill bottles work great, as do mason jars.

It is time I teach you my top technique for blazing in the house. Say you are going to take a shower. Grab a towel first then when you go to get your new cloths also grab your stash, pipe, lighter, and spoof. Wrap it all up in the towel and try to make sure nothing it sticking out. Then proceed to the shower. Close the door, and MAKE SURE TO LOCK IT. If you have an exhaust fan in the bathroom turn it on, and if you have a window open it. Now get all of your stuff out of the towel and shove it under the door. Turn on the water, sit on the toilet, load up, and blaze. Be sure to use the spoof. when you cash your bowl DO NOT ASH IT IN THE TOILET. The remnants stick to the sides like herpes and you will have to spend almost twenty minutes trying to wipe it down. Instead toss it in the trash and throw some toilet paper over it. When you are done set all of your stuff aside and TAKE A SHOWER. Do not just leave, for a few reasons. One it feels fucking great to wash high. It is as if you are under a warm waterfall. Second it will get rid of any scent that might have some how got on you. Third if you walk out without your hair wet then they will know something is up and you are fucked. Now once you are done towel off and all that, but do not leave yet. Brush your fucking teeth. The taste might suck, but your breath most likely smell like shit from the pot. Now also put some eye drops in, and throw on some deodorant. Now if you do not have eye drops this is okay. This is the true beauty of this technique if you are called out on red eyes just say you got some shampoo in your eyes and thought it was not a big deal. Also if some how you fuck up and some smoke does escape this is covered as well because the room will most likely be filled with steam. There you go my best move and how it works, now only does this once a day because other wise it looks strange. Now go get yourself some munchies and lay back my friend.

Now some quick tips do not freak out ever. Pot makes you paranoid this is a known fact, but what so many people don't realize is that when they freak out you think anything you do is a sign you are high. More often then not what you are doing is just fine and you are just scaring yourself, and this can cause problems because most will try to act "normal" and will just look like a pedophile at a park scooping out the kids. Just walk with all the confidence tell your self "they have no proof". If you just relax and understand the pot is making paranoid then you will be fine. This is coming from a guy who has had numerous conversations on numerous drugs with his parents and has not been called out once. Now lastly when talking to your parents which might happen be careful to not stutter or talk for to long short and sweet answers but DO NOT be rude.

Hope this helps anyone out there. Feel free to customize as you wish and post some of your own tips. We wear all new at one point.

Smoke on

Top 10 Pieces I have Found Across the Web. Part 1

Number 10.
This combines my two favorite pass times; Weed and being a nerd. I give you the light-saber bong, may the high be with you. This work of art leaves me incomplete and udder aw. The only problem I see with it is that when I get stoned on it I would so break it while swinging it around.

Number 9.
The glow in the dark bong. Imagine it, it is late one night you and your buddy are watching a movie when suddenly disaster hits, and you slowing began to come down from your high. The lights are off and you can't find anything, but alas what is that faint glow off in the distance. It is your glow in the dark bong. Next to it sits a nice bag of fresh cron, and your best lighter. truly a great day for stoners everywhere also can you imagine watching the smoke do its little dance in the glowing light.

Number 8.
the next is the Glass on Glass Sherlock Bubbler With Di Cut Diffuse. Although a little pricy at 88 dollars this piece just screams buy me damn it. The glass is so well designed and the look is simply sexy. When ever I see this pipe all I can do is imagine it filled with beautiful white smoke. You can get this one at http://lotusglass.com/gongsherbubb.html. This site is well worth a look for those looking to buy some great pipes.

Number 7.
Now I don't know what the exact name for this piece is so I will simply call it Happy Trippy Red. I just love the look and design of this piece and the use of very swirled trippy colors all brought together with a bright blood red make this a very great looking pipe, but it could even be put up in an art show in my opinion.

Number 6.
We now have a ode to the greatest detective of all time Sherlock Holmes. He is forever honored in this the Sherlock mustache pipe. What more can be said then I want a fucking dective get up if I ever get to smoke from this.

Number 5.

Again I do not know the name of this bong, so I shall call it Mushie Mushroom, for obvious reasons. If it is not so obvious then because cause it is shaped like a FUCKING MUSHROOM. This would good to pop some Shrooms and blaze a bowl with, and it would be almost spiritual. The glass looks beautiful and Britney colored. The colors fit so well together giving the feeling of pure good vibes.

That is the end of Part 1 keep a look out for part 2 soon. All pictures used are not my own and all rights belong the respective owners.

The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world."
- Carl Sagan
Smoke on