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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Im Back Bitches! plus the start of a new story I am writing

Okay so here is the deal for the past two - three weeks I have been without my laptop. Oh the sorrow but my charging broke, so I had to have it repaired. imagine it two week without porn, I...... I'm sorry I need a moment. None the less I got it back and spent some quality time with it >.> <.< >.> and now I am here to show the start of a new story I am writing. Please tell me what you think besides your opinions on the politics involved sorry I just don't want to start a huge debate and it may seem like I only defending one side but though out it I will be helping both sides. I will try to stay open minded even though I am touching on a sensitive subject. None the less any criticism would be amazing. Anything really can help.

Motherhood, some say it the greatest gift “god” ever gave women. However some women do not want this gift, and that is of course understandable. Some women are not ready for the troubles of a child. Until the year 2022 women who refused this gift would have an abortion. An abortion was a very controversial procedure in which a doctor would remove the unborn fetus from the womb of the would be mother. A fairly simple procedure for a trained professional, but some saw this to be a form of murder. These people often followed the old cults of the one they called “God”. These cults would brainwash their followers to follow strict “moral” guidelines, and to defy all outside knowledge, and to call it heresy. These cults followed what they said to be a great being in the sky who they claimed loved all of the world which he created in six days. However they also explained how he hated “Fags” and many people of minority. I am getting off topic here so is 2022 Dr.Sam Houseton created the Exchange a device that allowed one woman to have here fetus removed, and placed into the womb of another willing woman. There the fetus would grow to full term, and be born just as the rest of the humans. Dr.Houseton among certain groups was praised as a savior of the unborn. Dr.Houseton however explain Ze created it not as a way to save lives exactly. Houseton was born as a genetically perfect male/female. Ze had no genitals, but hir brain was basically spilt between the two sexes half female, and half male. This gave hir a different look at the world, and allowed hir to see both side of the argument. She it all very confusing in hir young age. Ze was most perplexed by the debate of abortion. The female side of hir realized what could come with a child; the pain, the responsibility, and even sometimes the danger. Ze also saw it from the male side of the spectrum how quite often they would have no say in any of it even though is was his baby too. However ze also saw how men could say what they say, and scream of how it was evil considering they don’t have to endure the birth. Ze also saw how women used this as a way to disown the men as having any say.

So you might be confused by the word "hir" and "ze" these are the correct gender-neutral pronouns. These are what is used when speaking of someone with out gender instead of calling them "it"