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Friday, May 13, 2011

Guide for Teens living with their parents.

So whether you like it or not pot is still illegal, and many parents frown upon the use of it with their kids once they have moved out, however when you are sixteen and still living under their roof it is not only frowned upon but in some cases punishable to an extreme degree. So I am here to pass on some of my knowledge I have gained over the years of smoking in my house with out my parents knowing. A little background; I stared smoking the herb when I was in the 9th grade. At this time I lived in my parents basement because their was a bigger room. My parents are ultra conservative, super religious freaks, who follow all rules to the point, weather it makes sense or not. So I had to keep my use undercover. Over the years I have been busted and changed my ways. My skills have evolved. Now I am on the cusp of the end of high school and just about ready to move out and don't have to worry as much. So I will pass this knowledge to those who need it.

We will began with the very basics, you must always keep eye drops on hand. They may sting a bit, but it is much less painful then having your parents calling to talk to you after your third hit with your eyes as red as the devils testicles. The ones I love to no end are clear eyes, you use what you like, but stay away from Visine at all costs. Using Visine enough can make your eyes even worse and should be avoided like poison.

Next get a pipe or make one. ( I will post some guides on DIY pipes later) Do not be stupid and roll a fat blunt in your room with your parents in the next room. Pipes will only burn as long as you hit it, joints and such will just fill your room with evidence, and have your parents banging down your door.

Now make a Spoof. "What is a spoof?" I am glad you asked it is quite simple all you need is a paper towel tube, as many laundry drier sheets as you can get, and some rubber bands. Now take the paper tube and fill it with the laundry sheets. Use as many as it will hold with out busting out the other side, and leaving two or three left over. Next take the left overs and lye then over one end of the tube and use the rubber bands to hold them in place, and Tada you have a spoof. When you smoke simply blow the smoke though this and any smoke that escapes will smell of a fresh load of laundry.

Now you must also find a stash spot. Now I can't tell you where to hide your stuff, because I don't know you or your room. I can, however tell you where not to hide it. DO NOT HIDE IT IN YOUR DRESSER EVER. The dresser is the number one most searched spot because that is where most hide their pot and pipes. I did, and got busted. Also it might make your cloths reak of the herb. Do not just shove it under your bed, for the love of god. I will not go into explain this just do not do it. Be as creative as possible I now hide my stash in a smell proof jar in an old computer bag that sits in my closet which is filled with junk I have no idea what to do with. Also be careful not damage your bud while hiding it. try to find airtight containers to hold it in. Pill bottles work great, as do mason jars.

It is time I teach you my top technique for blazing in the house. Say you are going to take a shower. Grab a towel first then when you go to get your new cloths also grab your stash, pipe, lighter, and spoof. Wrap it all up in the towel and try to make sure nothing it sticking out. Then proceed to the shower. Close the door, and MAKE SURE TO LOCK IT. If you have an exhaust fan in the bathroom turn it on, and if you have a window open it. Now get all of your stuff out of the towel and shove it under the door. Turn on the water, sit on the toilet, load up, and blaze. Be sure to use the spoof. when you cash your bowl DO NOT ASH IT IN THE TOILET. The remnants stick to the sides like herpes and you will have to spend almost twenty minutes trying to wipe it down. Instead toss it in the trash and throw some toilet paper over it. When you are done set all of your stuff aside and TAKE A SHOWER. Do not just leave, for a few reasons. One it feels fucking great to wash high. It is as if you are under a warm waterfall. Second it will get rid of any scent that might have some how got on you. Third if you walk out without your hair wet then they will know something is up and you are fucked. Now once you are done towel off and all that, but do not leave yet. Brush your fucking teeth. The taste might suck, but your breath most likely smell like shit from the pot. Now also put some eye drops in, and throw on some deodorant. Now if you do not have eye drops this is okay. This is the true beauty of this technique if you are called out on red eyes just say you got some shampoo in your eyes and thought it was not a big deal. Also if some how you fuck up and some smoke does escape this is covered as well because the room will most likely be filled with steam. There you go my best move and how it works, now only does this once a day because other wise it looks strange. Now go get yourself some munchies and lay back my friend.

Now some quick tips do not freak out ever. Pot makes you paranoid this is a known fact, but what so many people don't realize is that when they freak out you think anything you do is a sign you are high. More often then not what you are doing is just fine and you are just scaring yourself, and this can cause problems because most will try to act "normal" and will just look like a pedophile at a park scooping out the kids. Just walk with all the confidence tell your self "they have no proof". If you just relax and understand the pot is making paranoid then you will be fine. This is coming from a guy who has had numerous conversations on numerous drugs with his parents and has not been called out once. Now lastly when talking to your parents which might happen be careful to not stutter or talk for to long short and sweet answers but DO NOT be rude.

Hope this helps anyone out there. Feel free to customize as you wish and post some of your own tips. We wear all new at one point.

Smoke on


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