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Friday, May 13, 2011

Top 10 Pieces I have Found Across the Web. Part 1

Number 10.
This combines my two favorite pass times; Weed and being a nerd. I give you the light-saber bong, may the high be with you. This work of art leaves me incomplete and udder aw. The only problem I see with it is that when I get stoned on it I would so break it while swinging it around.

Number 9.
The glow in the dark bong. Imagine it, it is late one night you and your buddy are watching a movie when suddenly disaster hits, and you slowing began to come down from your high. The lights are off and you can't find anything, but alas what is that faint glow off in the distance. It is your glow in the dark bong. Next to it sits a nice bag of fresh cron, and your best lighter. truly a great day for stoners everywhere also can you imagine watching the smoke do its little dance in the glowing light.

Number 8.
the next is the Glass on Glass Sherlock Bubbler With Di Cut Diffuse. Although a little pricy at 88 dollars this piece just screams buy me damn it. The glass is so well designed and the look is simply sexy. When ever I see this pipe all I can do is imagine it filled with beautiful white smoke. You can get this one at http://lotusglass.com/gongsherbubb.html. This site is well worth a look for those looking to buy some great pipes.

Number 7.
Now I don't know what the exact name for this piece is so I will simply call it Happy Trippy Red. I just love the look and design of this piece and the use of very swirled trippy colors all brought together with a bright blood red make this a very great looking pipe, but it could even be put up in an art show in my opinion.

Number 6.
We now have a ode to the greatest detective of all time Sherlock Holmes. He is forever honored in this the Sherlock mustache pipe. What more can be said then I want a fucking dective get up if I ever get to smoke from this.

Number 5.

Again I do not know the name of this bong, so I shall call it Mushie Mushroom, for obvious reasons. If it is not so obvious then because cause it is shaped like a FUCKING MUSHROOM. This would good to pop some Shrooms and blaze a bowl with, and it would be almost spiritual. The glass looks beautiful and Britney colored. The colors fit so well together giving the feeling of pure good vibes.

That is the end of Part 1 keep a look out for part 2 soon. All pictures used are not my own and all rights belong the respective owners.

The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world."
- Carl Sagan
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  1. That red one looks mad!

  2. Not right now Cody since I am probation, but once it is over I will be lighting up again lol counting down the days.

  3. I love the red one Dixie the pasterns alone give me a buzz XD

  4. Someday I'll buy one of these.